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"BE GREEN" sustainability program
The difference between a conventional tourist accommodation and a sustainable one is based on the implementation of measures aligned with the principles of sustainable tourism.
Our group of accommodations has taken these practices very seriously and for some time we have been raising awareness among our clients and workers to carry them out and achieve the reduction of the carbon footprint, the conservation of natural resources and respect for the environment, or the promotion of local economic activities that are sustainable over time and that, at the same time, improve the economy and the environment.
In the rehabilitation of all our accommodations, the original façade has been preserved, maintaining the extremely wide walls that naturally insulate against heat and cold. All windows are climalix with hermetic closure that reduce electricity consumption.
Highlight in each building, a central space covered by a skylight to provide natural light and generate spaciousness. Several environmental elements also come out on top, always working with eaves or terraces that protect from the sun. As for lighting, 90% are with LED system. Aerators have been placed in all the showers and faucets and a double flush system in the WC. with a saving of 50% of consumption. The air conditioning system is optimized by time programming, reducing the operating hours by more than 50%. Aerothermal system that through a heat pump uses the energy of the air to generate both heat and cold. Among other advantages, it stands out the fact that it does not need a lot of electricity to work.
All the accommodations have awareness campaigns to reduce the consumption of water, gas and electricity, both for clients and for workers.
In all our accommodation we will continue to apply our commitment so that sustainability is perceived in every detail.

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